Wellyfit Yoga School

Yoga Week Plan

The plan for International day of Yoga;

14th June- Quiz on Yoga
15th June- Webinar on Asanas by Shoam Mehta
16th June- Pre recorded video on Philosophy: What is mind (Chitta) by Nehul Mishra
17th June- Webinar on meditation by Shoam Mehta
18th June- Yoga: A rescue from a dark place- Noel Moran
19th June- Vinyasa flow by Meghan from USA
20th June- Final Yoga Quiz
The Wellyfit Yoga School presents the Yoga Week in celebration of the International Day of Yoga. Every day we offer webinars and classes that will give you both an understanding of the philosophy behind Yoga as well as simple Asanas (yoga poses) that will give you both physical and psychological benefits.

Nehul Mishra is a professional Yoga Instructor living in India. She works with the Wellyfit Yoga School and and will be organising yoga philosophy webinar in the yoga week program

Anna K Park is a Wellyfit training instructor living in Spain. She is part of the Wellyfit Yoga School and is a qualified yoga instructor.

14 June

Take the Yoga Quiz

Start the Yoga week with a quick knowledge check.

15 June, 6.30 pm IST

Assana Session

Are you ready to feel energized?
Let´s come together and celebrate the countdown of International Day of Yoga with our Yoga instructor Shoam Mehta.

16 June, 6.30 pm IST

Philosophy Webinar; The Yogic Life

Get a basic taste of Philosophy with our Yoga Guru Nehul.
Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are making space for what it is, for acceptance.

17 June, time coming soon.

Meditation; Find your inner peace

Webinar on meditation by Shoam Mehta

18 June, 11 am GMT+1

Yoga: A rescue from a dark place

Discover the true self-transformation with our Guest speaker Noel Moran.

19 June, 4 pm IST

Meghan Howley´s Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Unite your practice with your breath.

20 June, 11 am CET

Final Yoga Quiz

21 June

Launch of Shop and Start of @GingerEM Yoga Challenge (Final Live Event on Sunday 27)

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