Yoga Quiz

Explore new sides of Yoga by taking part in our Quiz

Make your research and find the answers to the questions.

    1) What is the one word that is mentioned in every chapter of the Gita?

    2) Samatvam Yoga Uchyate is the definition of yoga and is mentioned in?

    3) Which method is suitable for teaching Yoga?

    4) When is the international day of yoga celebrated?

    5) Another name for Plough pose is?

    6) In a group discussion, questions can be answered at what time?

    7) Which of these are important during the practice of asanas?

    8) Ashtanga yoga is given by?

    9) Which of the following is a part of the eight-fold path (Ashtanga Yoga) of Patanjali?

    10) How many chakras are present in the human body?


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