Work Out with us on the Beach – Face to Face

Are you passing by, or live in Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Then you have the chance to workout with us on the Beach. Anna Karlson hangs around Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria, and Joanna Backas enters the Beaches around Del as Americas on Tenerife.

Have a look at their profiles to see where their classes are taken place and just go there. Sign up for out Premium membership and attend to all our IRL activities as much as you like.

Soon we add more trainers and locations for outdoor training near you.

If you are not able to join IRL, just sign up and attend Live Online.

Due to Corona, group classes are limited in size and we always follow current restrictions! Keep distance.   

Yoga with Anna Karlsson

On the beaches around Puerto Rico you can join Anna on Yoga sessions. Log in on and sign-up for a premium membership and Book. In the description of the Class you can see where session is taking place. Soon you can look for our Beach Flag with the Wellyfit logotype.

Power with Joanna Backas

Joanna group activities you find on the beaches around Del as Americas on Tenerife. Legs, Core, Booty. Sign up for her classes and go to the Beach.

Work Out with us IRL!

At we strive to get people moving and trying new training forms. By having a global platform we spread training forms and trainers services globally. With Live streaming techniques anyone can easy access the training from anywhere. We see our selves as a complement to regular training. Wellyfit can be the start of your new life, or the training when time is not there.

Try new training forms every day. Do a Yoga Class just before bedtime. Start the morning with a Meditation class or a high intensive Crossfit class during lunch. Do it on 

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