Why Kettlebells? – with Sharon Brusaferro

I meet Sharon over a zoom meeting. Sharon is one of our latest trainers to sign up for Wellyfit. You guys will see a lot more of here on site after the project “Face Lift” is done of the site. But in this article we dig deeper in the secretes of Kettlebells.

So I know that you have a kettlebell specialist degree and durability degree and I have Loads of Questions about it, feel free to answer the one you want to and can.

We all know how the Kettlebell has become a very popular Tool and Training to perform, and we know that you have a kettlebell specialist degree and durability degree could you please tell us some more about the kettlebell and like, What is the purpose of a kettlebell and what muscles areas could you improve with Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell is an incredible unconventional tool and very useful for the “everyday life”. They can, if properly used and performed, improve all of your body muscles. Kettlebell swings is one of the most dynamic exercises to train if you want to improve your whole body I would say, but with a focus and strengthening aimed towards the gluteus and abs area. 

Is it okey to do kettlebell swings every day, or how often would you recommend that your doing them? 

Of course you can do them everyday, if you use a light one. You should include kettlebell swings in you workout routine, if you work on strenght you can add them as finisher, if you are doing a circuit put it in. I recommend 3/4 times a week.

Can anyone do kettlebell Training? 

Based on that your in a good Physical health Yes of-course. Your using knees, back and shoulders in the kettlebell swing and ,there are a lot of common mistakes in swings and it could get the opposite effect so I Highly Recommend you to Work more on a Plank before using any heavy kettlebell weight. 

What does a good beginners routine look like?

Mobility first, activation, main moves, cool down, stretching.

How do you know what weight on your kettlebell you should start with? 

I would say the best is to Start light, it’s better that your using to easy Kettlebell weights than to heavy! I tried before when I started with a light weight, testing my skills and from that, I found which one is my weight both for the upper body and lower body. 

Could you use kettlebells to drop weight? 

Of course you can drop a heavy one but If you are in the weight loss process the first thing to do is change your lifestyle. Proper nutrition, quality sleep and light medium workout for the first period. Focus on the nutrition. Calories deficit.

If you could vote would everybody do kettlebell training? 

Yes! Kettlebell should be a part of everyone’s workout because they helps people in moving better during every day life

Now I’m getting off track here a bit but, Before, you mention your degree in the  “three equilibrium method” could you tell us something more about, not to go too deep into but, what is it?

Three equilibrium teaches you the perfect posture to Optimize Your Body. Shortly said, Good school of wellness.

Wow okey that’s something I know I want to dig some deeper into! Let’s save it for the Next Interview. But for coming back to the Subject – Kettlebells I have one more last question. Could kettlebells give you abs?

Yes! In swings muscles engaged are core (also gluteus) but Yes there is a highly Chance that with right Nutrition and Performance the result of abs are very reachable.

And last but not least – how was New York and Texas, where you had your kettlebells degrees?

Texas and New York were amazing! Full of great schools and people!

One last question where to buy a kettlebell? 

You can buy kettlebell from Amazon! We have a link in our website, www.metabolic61.com.


Kettlebell is an incredible unconventional tool and very useful for the “everyday life”
— Sharon Brusaferro, Trainer @ Wellyfit.com

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