Why Choose Yoga Over Gym?

Why Choose Yoga Over Gym? Wellyfit Explains the Never-Ending Debate.

Yoga or gym? This question must have popped into your mind sooner or later. So, what’s the solution? Well, you can toss a coin and decide or read this article presented with facts.

These days most people are dealing with mental and physical stress in their life. Earning bread and butter is getting difficult with every sunrise and sunset, day by day. The higher workload at the workplace and global competition is making the situation even worse. Thus, the need to stay healthy in both mind and body is more than ever.

Several ways are out there to help you with your fitness journey. The popular ones are Yoga and Gym. Be it Yoga or Gym, both have one thing in common, and that is making you fit when it comes to the physical aspect of fitness.

However, when it comes to overall well-being, Yoga has the upper hand over Gym. Due to this, more and more people are turning to Yoga.

According to Yogi times – “There are over 300 million Yoga practitioners worldwide.”

Why Does Yoga Have an Edge Over Gym?

Gym based exercises made me powerful; my biceps are better than ever. Why should I choose Yoga over Gym? If you are having this kind of thought, then here is the answer to clear your head.

Yoga Works Internally as Well as Externally; on the physical as well as the mental and emotional aspect.

The stretching and bending in Yoga detoxify your body. It improves various body parts like the circulatory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. Yoga is a work-in instead of a workout, it teaches you to understand yourself from within, your strengths, weakness, fears, everything. For instance, Asanas like Surya Namaskar strengthen body muscles and also improve metabolism and pranayama and meditation gives you relief from stress and anxiety. On the other hand, gym-based exercises focus only on building muscles and boosting cardio, the physical aspect of fitness.

Yoga Reduces Body Pain & Aches

Unlike gym, where you can get your muscle torn and acquire body pain, Yoga is a great way to reduce pain. Yoga extends muscle tissue resulting in an improved range of motion. The increased adaptability helps to keep muscles and joints nourished and healthy. The Yoga Guru and Yoga Instructor of Wellyfit helped many people to open their vitality channels.

Yoga Is the Best Stress Buster

Sometimes, people going to the gym seem like they are going to win a war and a war that is against their own body. The burden of reducing belly fat, doing more pushups than yesterday, etc., increases the stress even further.  In comparison, people doing Yoga live a peaceful and stress-free life. Meditation is the best way to calm down your mind, to free your mind from the struggles of everyday life. All that meditation wants from you is to focus on yourself, your breathing and try to make your concentration one pointed with regular practice.

Yoga Is for Everyone

Lifting dumbbells or running on a treadmill is not for everyone, especially for kids and older ones. Thus gym-based exercises are limited to a certain age. However, this is not the case with Yoga. It does not matter if you are a 7-year kid or a 70-year-old.

According to Forbes -“About 37% of Yoga practitioners are under the age of 18.”

Another report of Yoga alliance says – “About 14 million people over the age of 50 practice yoga.”

Yoga Needs No Equipment & Has No or affordable Cost

Get ready to lose your wallet for the membership of the gym. It is just the beginning. You have to bear several other expenses for the protein powder, sneakers, T-shirts, home equipment, and the list goes on. But this is not the case with Yoga. All you need is a mat and willingness to leave your bed and make yourself ready to face all the challenges of life. If you are naive, then Wellyfit is there for your help.

Yoga Helps in Weight Loss

Yoga is a boon for those looking to have a lean body or weight loss. From Dhanurasana to Bhujangasana, Yoga has various Asanas that can help you get a slim figure.

Yoga Is a Spiritual Practice

Yoga goes beyond stretching and bending. It has a deep connection with spirituality. It is not merely a physical exercise but also trains your mind to control your body and thoughts. The spiritual element of Yoga help Yogis in developing inner unification as well as harmony with the Supreme power. Here spirituality means achieving peace within self to live a happy life, which starts with the asanas or postures to make your body and mind ready for other yogic practices.

Wrapping Up

There are countless benefits of Yoga. Once you make a connection with it, there is no coming back. Start your journey of Yoga straightway and feel the difference within your body and life. If you need any help like a Yoga session or expert assistance, then connect with Wellyfit.

Moreover, this article is not about showing gym in a bad light. Gym has its own benefits like building muscles and giving a better shape to the body. It only addresses the never-ending Yoga VS Gym debate.

 -By Nehul Mishra and Shubham Jha.

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