Your personal training camp Yoga | PT | Surfing | Biking | Workation When your Wellness journey starts before departure - and never ends

Wellycamp – When Your Wellness Holiday never ends

Wellyfit & Allinc delivers personal training experiences to the sun. With our professional trainers and coaches, you get a Taylor made training experience. With our Online platform your training starts before arrival and never ends.

Give yourself what you deserve, an investment in your body and soul.

Our Trainers

Anna Karlsson

Yoga – Meditation

Joanna Backas

Functional – Stretch – Running


Functional – Katlebell – Strength


Functional – HIIT – Strength

Wellycamp House

Get in shape and meet new friends

Wellycamp Houses is our own houses where 8 – 12 people from the world lives together, and exercises individually or together. Travel alone or with friends and meet people with similar interest.

Watch the Video of our latest Wellycamp House, on Gran Canaria. Available for Bookings from June.

Fresh – Affordable – Social – Fun

Wellyfit Certified

Hotel Stay

Book a Wellyfit Certified Hotel and be sure of closeness to activities, services and comfort.

Give your self the extra luxury

In all our training packages and Wellycamp houses this is Included

6 months Premium subscription on

Access to Gym close to house

Group Activities arranged by Wellyfit

Discount in Webbshop throughout the 6 months subscription

Online Training Platform

Access to our Online Training Platform for 6 months when booking.

Don't wait

Meet your PTs today, Online. Get to know each other before departure.

Travel alone

Live in our Wellyfit Camp houses with other Wellness people.

Travel in group

Rent one of our Wellyfit Camp Houses for the entire group, or we arrange with hotel.

I want to know more!

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