In Trainers Area we share information, tips and trix to give costumers best possible Live training experience. We explain different techniques, how to do, and also how to perform and engage in front of camera.


Let’s give our costumers the best Live stream online training!


How to Broadcast Class

  1. 5 min prior to class, Go to “My broadcasts”.
  2. Choose your wanted broadcasting source (Browser, App or OBS) by pressing corresponding button.
  3. If using App or OBS, start your stream. If using browser, press red button and you are Live.
  4. For App and OBS there is an extra stepp. When stream is started, press green button to catch and distribute the stream to participants.
  5. Now you are Live and participants can see you. Verify by pressing “View my stream” and you should be able to see your self. If not, read through the instructions again.

Note 1. When using App or OBS, the stream from App/OBS has to be started before pressing the green button in your profile.

Note 2. You cannot use your phone from which you will stream from to login to your profile since the OS won’t accept streaming while app is not active.

Feature Development Plan

November – Chat function to all classes. Chat features are messaging, emojis, pictures, file share, video calls, and more

November – Backend admin tool to handle corporate costumers

November – Bugfix on “My earnings”

November – 14-days free trial without entering card details

December – Webinar feature using integrated Zoom, Host sets wanted ticket price to attend.

December/January – Limited Classes. Trainers sets up a limited class (up to 20 people), probably ticket price pay model.

January – Admin tool to set up a series of classes.