Zumba Gold – When “You think you can’t dance”, with Rita Joshi

Rita Joshi is a passionated, energetic trainer from Rugby (UK). Rita is certified Zumba, and Zumba Gold instructor, but also hosts Bollywood Freestyle classes.

We meet over zoom to have deeper talk about Zumba Gold. It’s our opinion that there are lot of training forms for most people at gym, in studios, etc. But not so much when it comes to disabled or elderly persons having difficulties standing or perform fast movements. Perhaps we are wrong, but at least it is not as highlighted as trendy training forms. Att Wellyfit we strive to get people moving in any way they can and enjoy. When we first talked to Rita over zoom the Zumba Gold caught our attention and we wanted to dig deeper into it and spread the knowledge. Of all questions we had for Rita regarding this we share the most “on target” questions. Rita have Classes on and can also be hired for private sessions on the same platform. Visit her profile (link) for bookings. or attend IRL on her classes in Rugby (FB-link).

I think most people active within wellness know what Zumba is. But Zumba Gold is perhaps not as known. Could you describe for a beginner the difference between these two?

Zumba Gold is a lower intensity version of Zumba Fitness and the programme is designed to meet all the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs of senior adults. Zumba Gold can be done by people who are wheelchair bound  but want to dance , they can use their upper body to give themselves a good workout. It is a very good option for them to meet their exercise goals. It is not that they can not do Zumba Fitness, definitely they can! I have ladies who are 60 yrs and above & My Zumba Fitness sessions.


How does it work in practicality for people who have disabilities, for example in a wheelchair.

This is ideal for those who find difficulty in standing for extended periods of time, those with limited mobility and those who require wheelchair assistance. This specialty program is tailored specifically for an aged care community, particularly in the 90+ age bracket. The movements are structured to strengthen the bones and joints, which help restore or improve range of motion. That, in turn, will help with posture, which can help make everyday activities easier to do.  Participants are encouraged to join in at their own level – meaning at their own level of comfort. Some may choose to just sit and listen to the music – but even smiling works the muscles around the face!

What made you to certify for Zumba Gold?

To cater to the senior adults group, they have very limited choice of exercises and as when one grows old he/she should try to be more physically active and independent. This will increase their immunity.


I´m sure there are many people out there with disabilities of different kinds that still doubt they can participate in Zumba Gold, what would you say to convince them to try?  

No harm in having a go! any kind of movement is better than nothing, do at your own pace, if you are still not ready just come and enjoy the music, that will work wonders mentally.


For persons who are not into any training activities today, what is your number one tip to get started?

Health is wealth, start investing in it now,  Rest will follow with it. You have got one life, live it.

Health is wealth, start investing in it now,  Rest will follow with it. You have got one life, live it.
— Rita Joshi, Trainer @

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