Who can sign up?

Anyone with “relevant background” can join. You should have certificate and/or documented history in the area you want to host classes or private session in. We go through this things at introduction meeting before approving your account as trainer. This process is quick and easy. The reason we do a background check is that we want to provide safe training.

No Company needed!

You don’t need a registered company.  You can go through our partner Cool Company that will be your free lance employer. Cool Company care for all administration and insurances needed. The registration only takes two minutes. If you have a company already, just register your bank details in profile.

No commitments

There are no commitments at all, other than, when you have created one or more classes or booked private session with Client, that you show up in time, are enthusiastic and behave professionally.

Win-Win Concept

To gain followers on your classes and to generate Clients for private sessions it is important to be seen, especially in Social Media. To push you as a trainer out in social media we make introduction videos, articles and other activities and use our channels to promote you as a trainer at Wellyfit.com All this is for free. It is also important that you promote you and your classes in your own social media to succeed. It is a mutual benefit that both are active on social media.

What's in it for you?

As a trainer you don’t need to pay anything to provide your services at Wellyfit.com You can earn money from both classes and private sessions. For private sessions you set your hourly rate in your profile, and for classes the earnings follows the renumeration plan below. As a bonus, this can boost the number of visitors to your studio.

Streaming features

The platform have great functionality when it comes to streaming. Basically there are three ways of streaming.

Iframe from Browser – webcam

This method is the easiest way, just push the red button in your broadcasting area and you are Live using the web camera. It cannot be easier. The quality is good enough for most purposes.

Live Streaming App (Android or iOS)

By using the app your mobile device becomes a high quality streaming camera. Easy to use and move around.

OBS – For the Pro

OBS is a free software for streaming. This gives you the tools to make a professional broadcast. Add multiple cameras, microphones, green screen, graphic layers, etc.


Our flexible platform also supports Live streaming from Drones and Go Pro cameras.


For any questions contact info@wellyfit.com