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We would like to Welcome You and your Clients to Tenerife and Gran Canaria!

All year arround you can fly away with your Clients on a retreat of their life. Get tighter with your Clients, build your Brand and create magnificent Content. You care for the work outs, we care about the rest. Together we make your Retreat the best.

Strengthen your Brand

Have a week with your Clients in the Sun. Eat healthy food, Work Out, Relax and have fun. Strengthen the band to your Clients. And Imagine all Content that comes out of this. Give your Brand a kick!

All Inclusive

Wellyfit organize everything but your own work out sessions. This includes for example Flight, Transfer, Hotel/House, Food (Breakfast and Lunch), Access to gym, Guest Trainer and more.

Wellycamp House or Hotel

All our Hotels are equipped with Gym. In our Wellycamp Houses you live together, work out in the green areas or at pool area. The Standard Wellycamp houses are equipped with light gears such as yoga mats, rubber bands, kattelbels, cones. The Delux house is equipped with its own gym.

Healthy food Arrangements

When living in Wellycamp Houses Breakfast and Lunch is included. Our supplier is focused on healthy food and have several options in terms of allergies, vegan, vegetarian, etc. The Menu can be planed in advance for your conveniens.


Custom Services

On our Locations, Tenerife and Gran Canaria we have own staff that supports you in your retreat. The staff can help you finding events, the perfect out door workout area and other “to dos” in the surroundings. When you arrange retreats with Wellyfit you get good prices on restaurants, events and activities.

Standard or Delux

Standard or Delux

Our Wellycamp Houses comes in Standard or Delux level. Are your Clients willing to pay for Delux or just fine with Standard? Ask us about the difference!

Pricing Model

Pricing Model

The Pricing model cannot be more simple. Our Cost + Your provision = Clients Price.

Contact Live Chat for more info.

Simple Payment

Simple Payment

Your Client pays only to one place, just like a charter trip. Can it be more simple?