Next Step for Wellyfit – Face Lift

We just started, and now it’s already time for change. Since December 2020 we have grown in number of members, number of features and number of Countries. And increasing number of members gives us more input to what’s needed, what you want to see and experience on the site.

You call – and we answer!

We have launched a Face Lift project of the site wich includes changed layout, more functionality, adding more services and training forms. The list is long and will be implemented in steps. But a few things for sure is:

  • Full Zoom integration for Group Classes
  • Booking Face 2 Face sessions
  • Expert Panel – Ask questions and get answers within 48hr
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Extended OnDemand Library for work out video

We strive to make Wellyfit to a place for different training forms to cross oceans, a place for non active persons to find their way in to activity, a place where you just can hang out, or a place to reach your weight goals. For the beginner and for the Pros.

We build new services and features, but still we keep the soul of the platforms origin. Live Streaming is, and will be a growing service. Especially with the launch of the new 5G mobile network. With that comes the freedom to stream when and where ever you want at highest quality and at lower latency.

We also see the big interest in the combination of regular face 2 face activities and live streaming. Especially in pandemic times. But also Post Pandemic. Complementing regular classes with live streaming gives more people the chance to attend, and don’t miss anything due to illness, travels or other reasons.

The transformation will start within weeks, but it never ends. With new techniques and new requirement from users we keep transforming with them.

At last, Let´s now hope all suffering from the pandemic reaches an end, and that we soon find our selves in the New Normal.

The transformation will start within weeks, but it never ends.
— Ola Andersson, Founder @

At we strive to get people moving and trying new training forms. By having a global platform we spread training forms and trainers services globally. With Live streaming techniques anyone can easy access the training from anywhere. We see our selves as a complement to regular training. Wellyfit can be the start of your new life, or the training when time is not there.

Try new training forms every day. Do a Yoga Class just before bedtime. Start the morning with a Meditation class or a high intensive Crossfit class during lunch. Do it on 

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