Namaste, My name is Nehul Mishra!

A young Yogini guiding the life of people with the magic of breath. I have spent more than 11 years of my life dedicated to this beautiful ancient science of Yoga. From an activity, to a hobby, to a passion, to a profession, Yoga has given my life meaning and direction, and has always pushed me to put more efforts in order to achieve the best.


For me, Yoga is a practice that makes me feel like I am home. It lets me appreciate every little moment as I breathe and feel more safe and secure in my body. Can’t agree more when I say I was born to do Yoga!


In the year 2012 I won my first yoga competition and in the year 2013 I was bagged with a silver medal in my first inter-state yoga championship. I was bagged with second position in a yoga championship in the year 2014. Following this, I was bagged with bronze medal in district yoga championship in 2015. I was felicitated by Yoga Federation of India in the year 2016 for securing first position in National Yoga Shiksha Abhiyan. My picture along with an article about the same event was published in an Indian newspaper. In the year 2018 I was bagged with 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals for 2 district yoga championships, back-to-back. I was presented with the certificate of merit by my school for outstanding achievement in the field of yoga throughout the school life.


Jumping to my teaching certifications and training in yoga;


 I have completed my 50 hours Introductory Yoga Training from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga and 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Joining the list, I have completed my Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga teacher training from Om Yoga International, Rishikesh. I am AYUSH (Government of India) Level-1 Certified Yoga Protocol Instructor.
My article on “What is yoga?”, along with my picture was published in one of the most famous Magazine of The USA and the UK, Namely the Yoga Magazine.


I am author of the book “The Yogic way of Life”. A book based on the management of six main diseased conditions; Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Hypo-tension, Heart problem and Asthma. A beginner’s guide for following and understanding yoga and making it a part of their daily life. In an easy-to-understand language, with crisp and clear instructions. Pictures for representation of each practice.
Surprisingly, I have not mentioned any limitations of the practices given in the book, reason being; It’s a manual, a beginner’s guide, to make people understand how yoga is a helpful tool for us. Even if you don’t start with the practice of yoga but try and understand Yoga a little, my motive of writing the book would be achieved.

For me, Yoga is a practice that makes me feel like I am home.
— Nehul Mishra, Yoga Guru @

I was interviewed in the year 2019 in the program “Yog Kare Nirog” In Sahara news Network, India, where I taught the viewers basic yoga techniques, on the occasion of 5th International Day of Yoga. Collaborated with Reboot Kolkata as a Yoga expert, taught the viewers Important Yoga Techniques for Management of back pain due to long sitting hours and for management of stress and anxiety in the pandemic, on the occasion of 6th International Day of Yoga.

Organized a yoga session for BPIT, IP university, India, in September’ 2020, contributed as a speaker of a session in the six days yoga workshop “Yog kare Nirog”.
I am the Yog Prashikshak (Teacher) Member of The Indian Yoga Association.
With a number of Teaching certifications in Yoga, I have helped people to deal with the difficulties that life serves us with, mentally, emotionally and on the physical aspect. And all that I look forward to is to dedicate the rest of my life as well to this beautiful art-form of Yoga, a science and an art that has so much to offer to the human kind, making this world a better place to live in.

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