Misconceptions about Yoga

There is a list of misconceptions that people have in their minds about Yoga. It is easy to describe what yoga is not, it is not a comparison, it is not a competition;

Yoga requires a body with elasticity

People wrongly assume that Yoga requires a body with elasticity, ability to do difficult asanas however Yoga only requires you to be willing to get out of bed, step on your mat, and practice to the best of your ability. It demands consistency with practice, a strong will to achieve the best you can. Yoga is much more than asanas. Yogasanas is one part of Yoga and does not build up the entire science of Yoga.

Yoga is a religion

The second very wrong assumption I frequently come across is when people believe Yoga is a religion. And the answer is quite simple and becomes easier to understand when they compare asana to ritual, presence of a Guru to priesthood. We should understand that yoga is not a religion and it is not in conflict with any religion or religious beliefs. Regular yoga practice will lead us to a broader sense of peace and will clean up our mind, it will help us to concentrate better, develop a sense of hope and wellbeing.

Yoga is therapy

That yoga is therapy is a very common misconception among so many of us. The correction here is that Yoga is a lifestyle. The wrong understanding of Yoga as a therapy has led to many false beliefs. Yoga can and does help to improve the difficulties in the body but does not cure the defects which are organic in nature. Yoga helps us to understand the needs of the body, the type of food (Ahara) we need, to keep the mind stable and peaceful.

You need to leave society to practice yoga

The next misconception says that we need to leave our friends and family, this society in order to practice yoga in a correct way. However, some practices might demand this, but this is not something you need to have, for leading a Yogic life. A life with discipline and karmas which are in favor of the well-being of the human kind is all that we require for leading a yogic life.

You need to have the guidance of several gurus

Many believe that in order to do yoga, You need to have the guidance of several gurus. But all you really need to do is have guidance from one Guru and step on your yoga mat daily with all the energy, and willingness, ready to breathe in the positive energies from the universe. These are the only prerequisites for doing Yoga.


Yoga is for anyone who is willing to be mindful, compassionate, and energetic. It is for people who are ready to let go of external factors as a reason for disappointment. It is for people who are ready for a transformation in the journey.


-Nehul Mishra

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