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Yoga is an ancient science and an art form, a deep sea of knowledge!

The word “YOG” first appeared in the oldest sacred text ‘The Rig Veda’ and having its origin from the Sanskrit word ‘YUJ’ which means ‘to unite’.
Yoga unites our individual consciousness to the universal consciousness.

Welcome to the Indian Yoga by Wellyfit. From Yoga articles to Yoga Gallery to Yoga philosophy to live Yoga classes to Yoga school and much more, we aim to serve you with the knowledge of the beautiful ancient science of Yoga.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us on the Expert panel.

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis!

Explore Yoga with Nehul Mishra

A Young Yogini guiding the life of people with the magic of breath. She has spent more than 11 years of her life dedicated to Yoga. From an activity, to a hobby, to a passion, to a profession, yoga has always pushed her to put more efforts in order to achieve the best. She is Author of the book 'The Yogic Way of Life'. Nehul Mishra lives in India and is one of the head teachers in our school.

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Yoga and Fitness Anna K Park

Anna is One of our Main Trainers in Our Team. With more then 10 years experiences in Fitness and Health, both Educational and by Own Practice and Experiences. She also Is the Responsible for our WellyFit Camp in Spain where she also host Yoga Classes.

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Never tried yoga, or are you on an advanced level. No matter what, we get you into yoga or takes it to the next level in our Wellyfit Yoga School.
Do our Live exams and self evaluations.

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