Find your Superpowers with Superhero method

Gotham have Batman, Sanfransisco have Ironman, or should we say, Tae-Woo Kim.

First you might refer the title of the article to something else but training. But what it really is, is a method to find a way to incorporate fitness into everyday life.

Tae.Woo Kim is a personal trainer in Sanfransisco (US). The obsession of superheroes and interest in fitness could only lead to one thing, the superhero method. To help clients find their superpowers and use it in everyday life is Tae-Woos mission. And of coarse both Marvel- and DC fans are welcome to join. So if you happen to swing by Sanfransisco, or live in the bay area, lets find you superpowers with Tae-Woo Kim. Or hire him att, check out hes profile here and book.

So let’s fire away some questions for Ironman.

The superhero method sounds really interesting; how would you describe it for someone who never heard of it?

The way I created WaeTooFit, was combining two of my favorite things: fitness and SuperHeroes! My goal/vision for WaeTooFit is to have my clients find their inner SuperHeroes and SuperPowers with the help of fitness. Making fitness a part of their lifestyle so that way they’re living the best, super life that they deserve to have. Everyone’s SuperHero journey is different, so making sure that I’m right there in their journey showing them the correct and efficient path to their goal is part of my job as a trainer. Let’s find your SuperPowers together!


Is there any organization who certify for this method, or how did you come up with the idea?

I came up with this concept myself along with a couple friends who helped me create my logo and website. I wanted to show my skills and knowledge in a fun and entertaining way, and with the popularity of SuperHeroes nowadays, I thought it would be a creative way for me to incorporate fitness and SuperHeroes together. I’m sure I wasn’t the first one to come up with this, but thanks to my obsession with fitness and SuperHeroes, I decided to go with this idea and take it thru this journey.


When I think viewers for superhero series on TV I refer to young people, but how does your Clients age distribution look like?

Most of my clients are well established in their career field, financially stable, self-driven, and looking to develop them further into their lives. This doesn’t mean that younger people aren’t, because I’ve trained clients who are in their 20’s and have seen tremendous results as well. But I try to introduce this concept to all genders and ages because everyone has the right to having a SuperHero mindset and body as well as finding their true SuperPowers

I think everyone wants to know, who is your favorite superhero, and why?

My favorite SuperHero is…IRONMAN! He’s smart, brave, brass, talented, and not to mention….rich (says Tae-Woo with a smile) That’s what I want to strive for, and with this I’ll be able to change peoples’ lives and the world.


One of Wellyfits missions is to get people of all ages moving. For persons who are not into any training activities today, what is your number one tip to get started?

Movement is key to a better, healthier, pain free life. A lot of the misconception is that they need to go 100% in the beginning to start, but everyone’s journey is different and whatever that journey is for YOU, take baby steps and slowly get to know what you’re capable of. If you need help with this, obviously it’ll be my honor to help you find your SuperPowers.

Making fitness a part of their lifestyle so that way they’re living the best, super life that they deserve to have.
— Tae-Woo Kim, Trainer @

At we strive to get people moving and trying new training forms. By having a global platform we spread training forms and trainers services globally. With Live streaming techniques anyone can easy access the training from anywhere. We see our selves as a complement to regular training. Wellyfit can be the start of your new life, or the training when time is not there.

Try new training forms every day. Do a Yoga Class just before bedtime. Start the morning with a Meditation class or a high intensive Crossfit class during lunch. Do it on 

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