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FITFEM® is a new training method inspired by the physical preparation of dancers.

Is an adaptation of the Tracy Anderson Method (coach of Madonna)

In the classes we are going to perform exercises inspired by different dance techniques: some are compound (short dance sequence) and others are more technical (for example raising the leg with external rotation).

If you are a dancer, you will complement your training by perfecting your performance. And if not, you are going to model your body like that of classical and modern dancers.

You are going to need only one mat for the class.

It`s open level and low impact.

Hope see you there 🙂

Datum för klass: 01-07-2021

Tid för Klass: 19:00 PM

Klasslängd: 60 minutes

Class Language: English

Class View: Online

Activity: Group Class

Streaming: Zoom

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