Body-mind centrering (Test)

This may be helpful if one is looking to strengthen the ability focus, find balance and rest in presence. 

This is a practice for your if you are longing to reconnect with your authentic self, as well as reconnect to the wisdom living in your body. 

Words by Linda Hartley (author of wisdom of the body moving) 

“Body-mind centering offers a way to deepen ourselves to the intuitive wisdom of the body and to innate capacity to heal through awareness and touch.  Through it we can explore the very roots of our expression in movement; as we develop awareness of the patterns and quality of our movement, we become to see how our minds move or is restricted within the body. Specifically, Body-mind centering involves direct experience of anatomical body systems and developmental movement patterns of touch and repatterning.”

Join as you are 🙂

Class Date: 05-11-2020

Class time: 17:00 PM

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Class Language: English

Class View: Online



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