Ballet workout

Join and dance ballet workout 45 minutes for beginners 😉

Get a good posture and  increase the quality of your movements whit ballet workout <3 

You need space/ floor to move, and something you can hold on to, in waist height.

The class contains:

  • Warm up combination
  • Plie
  • Tendus
  • Jettes
  • Developpes
  • Barr – stretching

In center:

  • Pique piruettes
  • Chaneis
  • Small jumps
  • Petit allegro

Vary between the exercise because of the time 🙂 

Hope you will join, and see you on class <3 

Class Date: 26-05-2021

Class time: 09:30 AM

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Class Language: English

Class View: Online + Face to Face

Activity: Group Class

Streaming: Broadcast

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