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Ballet – Gain Control of your Body, with Rosa Steen Eri

Its well known that physical movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons why people choose to workout – building strength, appearances, mental balance or simply taking care of the body’s physical wellbeing are some of them. Knowing why you are working out and having a clear goal is important, but what is equally important is to actually enjoy the practice of the workout form you choose to achieve those goals with. The importance of also doing it because you like doing it and not only for the “so that I can be healthy/strong.” Enjoying the process does not only add value to the whole experience of having a healthy lifestyle, it also creates resilience to your motivation. When you fall in love with a workout form, the practice of it puts you in a state of mind that is just as high as the one you have when you’re achieving your goals. It is like running a marathon in a state of mind that has already passed the finish line. It’s the definition of ease. I saw a living example of this the first time I watched Rosa Steen dance. Her passion for ballet makes it look completely effortless and easy. But looking closer and even trying it myself, I quickly realised how much strength and body control that is behind that effortless flow. Today she will give us an input on how she found and developed her talent and what dancing as a workout routine can give you.

When did you start dancing and why did it capture you?

My mum took me with her on her dance classes from a very young age so I’ve always been surrounded by it and appreciated the sense of relief that it gives me. It’s like I’m in another world, one that is only filled with joy. At age of 13 I started practicing classical ballet on a more professional level. Since then, I’ve tried many different dance forms. Contemporary dance was something I even got the chance to study, which is shortly described as breaking away from the restricted way of dancing by taking many different techniques and improvising with them. It makes it very personal and unique.


Which body parts would you say are mostly challenged while dancing ballet and what type of physical results can you expect from practicing ballet?

Thighs and abs! But it’s also very mentally challenging. Unless you’ve tried classical ballet it’s hard to understand how many techniques and mentality that is involved. Classical ballet has a very “one way of doing it” and there are restricted “rules” so to speak on how to perform it. I would say it is one of the hardest sports you can do because it requires so much focused mental and physical activity, simultaneously. You are performing a dance but you also need to find the dance between the mind and the physical body. One thing that is very fascinating is the fact that practicing it doesn’t only improve my dancing skills, it has an impact on my whole life! Ballet puts me in a focused and joyful state that I’m able to bring with me the rest of the day. The more I practice the more structure and balance I seem to find in all areas of my life.

To make it look easy, body control is essential. Is that something some people are just born with or do you believe that it’s something people can develop?

I definitely think anyone can learn it. People who practice other dance forms sometimes start practicing ballet because of the many techniques that can help you develop more body control. There is a reason why it’s one of the oldest dance forms and the more you learn the more you realise that there is to learn! But stepping out of the classical ballet’s restricted way of practicing, what’s interesting about all dance forms is the personal and individual expression that occurs. So it’s crucial to understand that your way of dancing is unique and the only one who can do it your way, is you. No one can dance your way better than you, that’s why I believe that anyone can dance! As for classical ballet that is very strict, I would still say that with a good teacher who can take you step by step, starting with the basics, anyone can become good at it!

Enjoying the process does not only add value to the whole experience of having a healthy lifestyle, it also creates resilience to your motivation.
— Rosa Steen Eri, Trainer @

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