Founded by Ola Andersson and Marta Zelander 2020

As family father/mother of two, time is not always there for the gym. With a big passion in sports and wellness we want to create a forum and gym online for those who never entered the gym, for the Pros doing multiple classes every day, for all of you out there. Perhaps you just want to get started, try something new, don’t manage to get the time for the gym or just can’t get enough of training or wellness activities. 

This is also a place for multi cultural wellness activities. With an open global platform for live streaming wellness we contribute the spread of all kinds of wellness activities through out the world. How about a private surfing session from Hawaii, Bollywood dance class from India or meditation before bedtime from Malaysia. There is so much to explore!

Join us today, try something new!


We want to be a platform for training and other wellness activities such as recipes, articles, coaching, etc. Wellyfit.com should be a complement as well as an alternative to conventional training.

We also want to make all kinds of training forms from around the world aviable to everyone.

Open platform - Open mindset

Wellness and Mindfulness includes a wide range of activities such as yoga, crossfit, dance, etc. But it may also include other things like hypnosis, meditation, coaching and nutrition. The imagination from our trainers/coaches sets the limit for what is offered. Anyone can apply to be a trainer at Wellyfit.com. After review and approval you can start arranging classes and spread your skills and enthusiasm across the world. And as a pluss, you can make your living from private sessions from your students and your classes!

Benefits with Wellyfit.com


Train where you are

Save time, no travels

Save environment, no travel

Explore new training forms from home

Low threshold to start training